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Microsoft ADFS

It is assumed the ADFS server is up and running and can be reached from the end-users machine.

Create relying party trust

From the ADFS Management Console, select Trust Relationships > Relying Party Trusts.

Click on “Add Relying Party Trust” on the right:

Select claims aware:

Import the metadata export from the SSO Gateway:<customerid>/samlmetadata
In the above URI’s, the term “<customerid>” must match the Customers unique id and will be provided by the MFAS Portal administrator.

Create claim rules

After the import, add “Claim issuance Policy”
Select rule template: Send LDAP Attributes as Claims:

Give it a name, for example “Select attribute from AD”.
Set LDAP Attribute to “E-Mail-Address” and Outgoing claim type “E-Mail Address”:

Add another rule.
Select rule template: Transform an Incoming Claim:

Give it a name, for example “Transform Email to NameID”.
Set incoming claim type to “E-Mail Address”, outgoing claim type to “Name ID” and outgoing name ID format to “Email”:

Provide the metadata

After this configuration, provide the SAML metadata URL; for instance:

Send the metadata URL to the MFAS Portal administrator.

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