MFAS Default Content


Create a new application

Login the administration site.
Create application (in the new UI)

Sign on method

App Name

App Name: MFAS Portal (or a name of choice).

SAML Settings

Single sign on URL: https://www.mfas.nl/sso/ibm/saml20/acuity/acs
Audience URI (SP Entity ID): https://www.mfas.nl/sso/ibm/saml20/acuity
Name ID format: EmailAddress
Application username: Email

Leave everything else to their defaults.

In the example above, “acuity” is the customerid.


The feedback is not required to fill out.

Provide the metadata

When the wizard finished, it shows a message that the configuration is not completed.

Press the link “Identity Provider metadata” and send the downloaded XML file to the MFAS Portal administrator.

As an alternative for sending the metadata file, you can also send the MFAS Portal Administrator the URL to the metadata, for example:



Assign users or groups to use the application.

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